5. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Audiobook – Stephen Fry

That Harry would certainly be eliminated from school and have his wand damaged, without an official query and for such a small violation, indicates the Ministry of Magic must have some hidden agenda in relocating so swiftly versus him. Certainly, others (evidently including Dumbledore) have actually stepped in on his part, and also a hearing is arranged so Harry can defend himself. As is so often the case with Harry, his first action to a difficult situation is to escape or separate himself, instead of attempt to find a solution or seek assistance from others. Luckily, he is bypassed by Arthur Weasley. We are entrusted to wonder whether Arthur’s feedback is just instinctive, making sure Harry remains where he can be discovered as well as assuring him that points are being done.

Also the casual reader will certainly be left with inquiries hereafter chapter. The largest unanswered ones are: Just how did Petunia discover Dementors, as well as given that she recognizes that much, what other expertise does she have about the Wizarding world she has never shared? As well as, someone that was fairly familiar with what was occurring in your home probably sent the Howler, possibly because they understood Petunia as well as Vernon’s most likely responses. That person must hold some power over Petunia, thinking about just how swiftly she reversed her decision after the Howler said its four words; that could that person be? While we can speculate, truth answers are withheld until later in the series.

Petunia’s description regarding Dementors and also Azkaban not just shocks her family, however reveals she understands much more concerning the Wizarding world than she has ever before let on. Her own reaction to her articulation seems to show that she has actually concealed this expertise even from herself. Based largely on this, Harry jumps to the final thought that Dumbledore sent her the Howler; this is fueled mainly by wishful thinking, as Harry has actually been unsuccessfully expecting an interaction from Dumbledore all summer. Nevertheless, if the Howler is from Dumbledore, it implies that he and also Petunia have had more call than has actually been formerly revealed: “Remember my last” implies that there has been greater than one previous communication, as well as the letter entrusted Harry at the really beginning of the collection is the only message we understand that Dumbledore had actually sent out to Petunia. (We keep in mind that Dumbledore had actually said, in Harry Potter as well as the Chamber of Keys, that he would certainly be writing to Harry as well as Ron’s households concerning the episode of the flying auto. Later proof recommends that this letter is not the “last” that this Howler refers to. We do not know whether the writer really did not count it as being to Petunia as it was to be resolved to Harry’s family, or whether the writer simply neglected this letter, as it had no impact on Harry’s tale.) J. K. Rowling – Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Audiobook – Stephen Fry. And also though Harry may be uninformed of such messages, this is barely shocking as Petunia, having been Harry’s guardian, would need to be educated pertaining to anything influencing her nephew, regardless what her individual sensations are toward him. Though that does beg the question: why Petunia, and not Vernon, who as head of the family would presumably likewise need that info? The answer to this question is also kept until much later in the series.